Camisoles – A Primer

These days, a camisole is generally waist length with thin straps, but there are several best waist shaper variations on this theme that are usually dictated by the function of the camisole in question. While camis come in hundreds of shapes and sizes, there are four basic types every woman should have in her wardrobe.

The casual camisole is usually made of cotton, has spaghetti straps and may or may not have a built in shelf bra. In the summer, this cami can be worn with shorts, jeans or a skirt while you’re shopping, hanging out with friends or just relaxing around the house. As temperatures get cooler it can be layered underneath a sweater or long sleeved shirt.

Typically worn underneath a blazer, a more formal camisole can add color to an otherwise drab business suit. These camis are usually microfiber or satin and often (but not always) have thicker straps and are more loose fitting than their casual sisters. In place of a blouse underneath a blazer, these camisoles can save a hard working girl some sweat during those hot summer months. Unfortunately, wearing a cami without the blazer is frowned upon in some work places. If you’ve got your own office, you’re golden!

In recent years, the general camisole theme has been extended to shapewear. Often called control camisoles, these stalwarts of the Hollywood Red Carpets are typically made of thick stretch nylon that slims and smoothes unsightly lumps into sexy curves. Control camisoles often extend past the waist to prevent flab from squeezing out the bottom. As highly functional underwear, a control camisole can make a nice outfit look absolutely fabulous.

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